Terms and Conditions



The company or individual requesting the services of Thain Ink.
Thain Ink: Primary designer/site owner & employees or affiliates.


Thain Ink will carry out work only where an agreement is provided either by email, letter or fax. Thain Ink will carry out work only for clients who are 18 years of age or above. An 'order' is deemed to be a written agreement between Thain Ink and the client; this includes email agreements. Verbal requests are required to be confirmed in writing before any work commences. If a client places an order with Thain Ink they are agreeing to the terms as set out by Thain Ink.


Once a quotation has been approved by you [the client], you agree to make all materials required for the project available to Thain Ink as soon as is reasonably possible. Thain Ink will accept no liability for failure to meet deadlines due to delays caused by the client in supplying these materials.

If a client must cancel mid-project, the client will be billed for the time and effort expended and expenses incurred up to that point. Should the terms change such that Thain Ink is unable to fulfil a contract Thain Ink has the right to subcontract this work.

Thain Ink will not accept offensive, pornographic or illegal material.

Thain Ink will make every effort to ensure that projects are free from errors or omissions Liability will not be accepted by Thain Ink for mistakes that are discovered after the final design has been signed off. It is the clients responsibility to ensure the document or design project is thoroughly checked [proof-read] before signing off and Thain Ink accepts no liability for losses incurred due to inaccuracy or omission on the clients project.

Any additions to the initial design brief made by the client once the project has started may incur additional costs over and above the original quote. These costs will be discussed with the client prior to implementation of the changes.

Thain Ink requires a deposit from the client before work is undertaken, this unless otherwise agreed is one third of the quoted price.

Approval of content and design (signed off), is required in writing (by letter or email). Payment will be required on receipt of invoice, Thain Ink does not have credit terms. Once payment has been received the client will be sent the final files.

All design work remains the intellectual property of Thain Ink until your invoice is paid in full. Once a graphic design project is completed Thain Ink will send an invoice and it is to be settled immediately, unless an exception has been made by prior arrangement. Non payment will result in legal action. It is company policy to pursue non-paying clients through the Small Claims Court.

Thain Ink reserves the right to use the designed material for promotional purposes. Thain Ink accepts no liability for infringement of copyright resulting from material supplied by the client. It is the clients responsibility to ensure they are using all text and graphics legally and Thain Ink reserves the right to decline to use material if there is sufficient reason to believe a copyright violation is taking place.

Thain Ink may nominate a printing service to the client and arrange printing on the clients behalf with a printer. Thain Ink accepts no liability for the actions of the printing company and Thain Ink will not be liable for any costs incurred or loss of earnings following a failure of the printing service. Any dispute of this nature must be settled between the client and the printing company. If in the unusual event a client has a complaint or problem with Thain Inks services they are welcome to contact us at any time so the issue can be resolved.