What I can do for you

  • Animated slide shows
  • Flash adverts
  • Flash banners
  • 2D animation and character design
  • 3D product build and animation


3D Product Build & Animation

sackholderClick thumbnail to play

Here is a 3D build and animation, created from a set of technical drawings supplied by the company and the brief was to show the features of the product in a simple and effective way for their website.

2D Animation

Intruder Alarms AnimationClick thumbnail to play (with sound) CCTV AnimationClick thumbnail to play Fire AnimationClick thumbnail to play www.northernsecurityalarms.co.uk
These animations can be viewed at the above website link, on the HOME page, CCTV page and FIRE ALARMS page in the PRODUCTS section. Site design by Thain Ink.


With so many websites you will want to stand out and gain the attention of your customers, an animated advert or character can help you do this, or maybe you have a specific product that would benefit by being shown in 3d on your website, a picture can say a thousand words.

I offer very competitive rates. I can charge by the hour or if required I can give a full project quote. With the variation of projects I cannot give prices over the website. Please get in touch and if you have a budget for a project please let me know.